Studio20 SPLOT

Upload and share your Studio20 artifacts

How to SPLOT in 60 Seconds

Short tutorial video on how to use this site for sharing things you make during Studio20

Class Spotify Playlist: idea inspired by this conference

Day2 Reflection Source

Day1 Reflection Source

A short story co-written by participants.

Mindmap of Day 1 done by participants

Day 1 Sketchnote done by participants

Collaborative Poem We Wrote Together

Studio20 – Day 3…feeling like this is a good sign for the day ahead!

Sound biography practice: The sound of skating on a newly frozen lake in Yukon

Neuroscience magic: Stick figure face helps you look at camera

People in lines

The Medium is the Massage

Raw juicing’ with the radio superstars at Studio20

Day One Studio20

Learning to embrace the process, not perfection

I missed the slight of hand too! If you fold it this way you get 8 pages instead of 6 😎.

My tiny zine with an unrequited tear. Does anyone have an idea what the tear was for?

#Studio20BC Day 1 icon Jam

Drawing the 3-D eye using charcoal (video)


Kat’s session notes as messy mind map

Creative Process and the Cyclops

Day 1 reflection

Happy Cyclops


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